can a bank be yourhappy place?

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In 2014, DS was hired as agency of record by Community Bank, N.A., and charged with revitalizing its brand. After we undertook customer research and a brand audit, work began in earnest on a range of tactics: PR, social media, signage, direct mail, and traditional and online advertising.

The bank’s tagline, “bank happy,” had been introduced about eight years earlier. DS and the bank’s marketing team recognized the phrase remained an accurate reflection of the bank’s approach to customer service and that it continued to resonate with all key audiences. So the job at hand was to bring this distinctive theme to life.

To reinforce the bank’s brand, we turned to TV for its stronger emotional resonance. DS developed and produced a slice-of-life campaign—a series of vignettes—that celebrated life’s simple, quiet joys, all made possible by positive experiences with Community Bank.

Given that the bank’s roots were rural, we collectively agreed that its brand should reflect those roots with a less slick and more “plainspoken” approach. Instead of stock photography, we opted for colors, typography and language that were more casual, friendly and approachable.

Community Bank ad
Community Bank ad
Community Bank ad
Community Bank ad

Using a fresh color palette and a touch of verbal whimsy, we created direct mail, online banners, print ads and in-branch signage that promoted products and services as tools to help customers achieve a better, happier life.

Let's get Social

On the social media side, our team launched the bank’s Facebook page in January 2015 with a 10 Days of Hunger campaign encouraging the bank’s communities to support Food Bank of Central New York.

Since launching the page, it has reached more than 800,342 people and generated 1,112,199 impressions. Page posts have reached 289,506 people and have engaged well over 12,000 people for a rate of 4.23%, with a monthly high of 6.01%.

The team also used FB and LinkedIn to drive traffic to the bank’s website. To date, 2,596 people have connected to the CBNA website via FB and LinkedIn, for an average cost per click of $0.50 and a monthly low of just $0.39.

(All data as of 6/29/15.)






Community Bank ad