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Lauren dixon HS

Lauren's Column: Let's Talk About Mental Health: Sick Days and Mental Health Days are Ok

Agency News / 9.7.21

Harvard Business Review says mental health support is the most-requested benefit since the start of the pandemic, with more than 27,000 Millennials and GenZers saying it’s their top priority.

In Lauren’s latest RBJ column, titled “Let’s talk about mental health: Sick days and mental health days are OK,” she calls upon business leaders to acknowledge, understand and address mental health, illness and wellness in their organizations, and discusses how they can act as role models, flip the script to consider the bottom-line benefits of investing in team members’ mental well-being, and continually look for ways to promote mental wellness in the workplace.

In her column, Lauren notes, “Let’s seize this opportunity to proactively promote mental wellness in our workplaces. To rewrite the narrative and build psychologically safe cultures that help our team members live and work their best whole lives.”

For the full column, click HERE.

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