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Lauren’s Column: Who comes first, customers or employees?

DS News / 2.1.22

In Lauren’s latest Rochester Business Journal column, “Who comes first: customers or employees?,” she discusses the importance of creating positive employee experiences to keep team members feeling respected, supported and empowered. She shares some examples of companies doing right by their employees and how critical it is in today’s environment. These include:

  • Whether you’re working in person, remote or hybrid, team members’ wants and needs have evolved with the times, and your company’s culture needs to keep up, too. Step back, survey and review your culture and plan to fill any gaps or create ways to help your employees physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Feeling respected at work is about 18 times more important than expected responses, like flexible schedules and likeable co-workers. More than anything, people want to feel important and be taken seriously.
  • After respect, supportive leadership is the second most predictive marker of a high-rated culture. Employees want to know their manager has their back.

“To compete for top talent, companies have started experimenting with how to create better employee experiences. They’re putting their people first. They’re breaking down industrial-age employment constructs that no longer make sense. I’ve seen dozens of reports of businesses and even whole countries testing a four-day work week, for example—unimaginable a few years ago. And when it comes to reimagining the workplace, I’d rather be the company offering experiences that attract and retain the best people, wouldn’t you?”

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