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Lauren’s Column: Polywork: What is it and why is it so popular?

DS News / 7.20.21

If you have not heard the term “polywork” yet, chances are you will soon. It’s the recently coined term for having more than one job at the same time. The polywork movement is more than just a passing fad or patchwork of positions. It’s a way of work and life that picked up speed when a majority of Gen Z and Millennials discovered they needed a side job or two to make ends meet.

“Given those powerful endorsements for polywork, leaders should pay attention to people’s desire for multifaceted careers. Of course, it’s always important to pay attention to your people’s wants and needs, but now the stakes are higher. Having multiple roles keeps team members interested and engaged and creates opportunities to learn and grow. Being flexible with responsibilities helps your business stay responsive and agile: When your teams are rich with talent and resources, they can solve problems and adapt to change quickly.”

You can read Lauren’s full column on “polywork” in the Rochester Business Journal HERE.

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