Setting up the Perfect Video Call


Conference calls have gone digital, and many people are finding themselves on camera every day. WFH backgrounds have become a point of interest, with room décor and lighting preferences taking center stage. But even after months inside and enough video chats to last a lifetime, there are still a few tricks that most people miss. 

With proper angles, natural light and a few more simple tips, we can all create a much more pleasant experience for our next virtual get-together.

Looking to get a little more professional? We’ve put together a free how-to guide for your next thought-leadership video. Show your personality, display expertise and deliver an effective message using the same techniques we use at Dixon Schwabl. For professional studio production, learn more here or contact us today.

Pete Wayner knows cameras, marketing and hair product. He also knows a lot of other stuff, but when it comes to video production, it’s lights, camera, action!

Pete Wayner
Pete Wayner
Production Supervisor

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