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We love telling stories. We love hearing them, too. Hence our very own podcast, One More Thing, hosted by Dixon Schwabl’s Andrew Knoblauch and Michael McGinnis, features thoughtful and scintillating conversations with interesting minds from all walks of life. Have a listen, won’t you?

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Candy, Handshakes, and Units of Language with Jen Moritz

February 20, 2017

Andrew and Mike sit down with Dixon Schwabl's Senior Copy Editor Jen Moritz for episode 46 of One More Thing! Let's just say, Jen has a special relationship with words and in this episode she tells the guys all about it.

Super Bowl 51, Advertising and Avocados from Mexico

February 6, 2017

It's a packed show! Mike and Andrew talk Super Bowl ads with Marshall Statt, the psychological state of Atlanta with Andrew's brother Brent and find out what some of their colleagues thought about all of the commercials.

The Zeitgeist

February 2, 2017

One More Thing is back, and as Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan once said, "Times they are a-changing." We have a new co-host, a new format but with the same energy and focus due the moment! In this episode, Andrew and Mike talk about the Zeitgeist, what predictions came true in 2016 and what predictions they have for 2017.

Fabio Viviani

December 5, 2016

Do it right or do it twice. Wise words from a Top Chef fan favorite, Fabio Viviani. Italian-born, Viviani joined the podcast to discuss his culinary path, Portico by Fabio Viviani, and why you should try his pasta sauce and not your grandmother's take on it.

Brian Kolb

October 28, 2016

The election is almost here! Hear from New York State Assembly's Minority Leader, Brian Kolb on the importance of voting, how he got his start into politics and his favorite part of campaigning.

Jonathan Rutherford

October 24, 2016

We sat down with Jonathan Rutherford, corporate man turned professional photographer. Listen to Jonathan's advice on chasing your dreams, why George Clooney is way too cool, and more! (Recorded in August 2016)

Jon Alhart (Live at Upstate Social Sessions 2016)

October 15, 2016

We're on the road again! Jon Alhart joins us at the Upstate Social Sessions 2016 to talk about the latest social media trends.

Shawn Dunwoody

September 23, 2016

Shawn Dunwoody is a collaborator extraordinaire. As he puts it, community is his canvas. Dunwoody marshals the power of art to help transform and uplift neighborhoods around Rochester. In a special Incite edition of our One More Thing podcast, he talks about his vision to integrate more art into ever more communities.

Mary Ellen Burris

September 1, 2016

The typical Wegmans employee success story is about starting from the bottom and growing from within. Mary Ellen Burris? She created her own path and has been on it ever since. Listen in for her take on consumers, what she loves about her job and why she swims every single day.