Super Bowl ads mirror the current zeitgeist by Mark Stone

In today’s Rochester Business Journal, Chief Creative Officer Mark Stone has a featured column titled Super Bowl ads mirror the current zeitgeist.” In his column, he talks about the commercials we watched live last weekend, the overall sentiment from the Agency’s annual Super Bowl review that takes place each year the morning after the Super Bowl, and offers three important pieces of advice for businesses about what makes a good billboard, commercial, digital ad and more. 

To read Mark’s column, click here.

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It was refreshing to see global companies support small businesses, communicate messages about reconciliation and unity, and take an overall empathetic approach — using their power and soapbox for the greater good. They thoughtfully embraced the realities of the past year rather than ignore them. But it wasn’t easy. Marketers had to be careful not to do anything that could appear to exploit the situation or be self-serving.” - Mark Stone 

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