Dixon Schwabl Partners with Local Agencies for ROC2025 Collaboration


ROC2025 is a powerful new alliance of economic development organizations dedicated to making Rochester, New York, one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing regional economies in the U.S.

Led by President and CEO Joseph Stefko, ROC2025 has recently named Dixon Schwabl, Meshin Movement and Optic Sky its collaborative marketing partners who will lead the ROC2025 branding and launch campaign this year.

ROC2025 is a significant opportunity for our region — an opportunity to dramatically expand how we compete for jobs, investment and talent,” Stefko said. It’s an investment in a stronger and more vibrant future for the Rochester region. A vital part of that investment involves building a powerful and bold new identity for our region — galvanizing pride of place, reasserting our story on the national stage, and creating an energy and buzz that fuels our work to recruit companies, retain and attract talent, and drive attention to our wins. With Meshin Movement, Dixon Schwabl and Optic Sky, we have the right team in place to build and activate that bold identity for and with Greater Rochester.”

It’s an honor for Dixon Schwabl to be at the table for this innovative project for the Greater Rochester region. For more information, visit its website and follow ROC2025 on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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