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4 Webinars to Refresh Your Thinking

Marketing / 2.16.22 / By Michael McGinnis

Kickstarting your brain to think differently isn’t easy. And rolling out of bed and coming up with groundbreaking, surefire ideas is not natural.

What’s normal is grunting your way through the creative process to come up with innovative ways to attack a problem.

That’s where we come in. We spent the last year gathering experts from higher ed, tech, professional sports, social media, and development to sit around the digital table and discuss the nuances of delivering a unique, impactful experience no matter the situation.

17 experts, 10 different companies, 4 different topics. Here are the best DS+CO webinars from the past year.

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion in Advertising

An incisive roundtable discussion, this webinar brought together minds from higher-ed and business to discuss the importance of diversity in today’s advertising world. Topics like honesty, respect, engagement and evolving your community were all key touchpoints in this discussion anchored by ideas on creating more equitable, diverse teams.


Empathy in Marketing: Make People’s Lives Better

It’s not enough to think like your customer—you have to BE your customer. And without a clear, authentic purpose, you might be spinning your wheels. In this engaging talk, we sat down with various business leaders to hear about ways to get better results by creating a more personal and empathetic approach to your marketing (hint: it takes time).


Why Brands Must Adapt to the World

It’s a big world we’re living in and it’s imperative that brands live in it as well. But how do you keep your brand steady in these ever-changing times? That’s the question these marketing experts handle over the course of this discussion. Prepare for insights into staying resilient, adapting to changing needs, staying relevant through reevaluation and the power of the fluid brand. It’s a brain-growing discussion jampacked with actionable takeaways for your organization.


Grow Your Fan Base by Delivering An Omnichannel Experience

Sports and entertainment aren’t just one-night-in-town events anymore; they’re full blown 24/7/365 experiences. This high-energy webinar, featuring marketing pros from professional sports and social media, offers a unique look into the omnichannel experience of engaging with an event or team. You’ll learn about creating consistent content, the importance of real-time interaction, the value of trust, and what you can learn from listening.


Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up, come to a stop so that you can start, or in the case of these webinars, revisit to refresh. But if you’re still feeling the hunger for more insights, there’s plenty more where that came from. Find all our latest webinars and blogs on Provoke, our DS+CO content hub or get in touch to share your ideas!


Michael McGinnis

Mike McGinnis is DS+CO’s content manager and social media enthusiast with a proven record of creating big ideas that generate real impact.