Mike Schwabl Talks Electric Charging Stations

More charging stations needed as electric cars proliferate

By: Special to the RBJ

Andrea Deckert

February 252020

When Mike Schwabl installed three electric vehicle charging stations at Dixon Schwabl Inc. during an office renovation a few years ago, he was the only person there driving an electric car.

Since then, times have changed.

Today there are as many as eight employees at the marketing agency who drive electric vehicles. While that means there are now fewer charging stations than drivers, the employees have a daily schedule that allows some to charge their vehicles in the morning, while the others plug in in the afternoon.

Schwabl, the company’s president, believes there are many benefits to driving electric.

Not only are electric cars cleaner for the environment, but they also offer a superior driving experience, save money on gas and need less maintenance than gas or diesel cars, he notes.

It just makes so much sense,” Schwabl says, adding installing the charging stations was something he had wanted to do for some time.

Dixon Schwabl was one of five local employers who, along with the city of Rochester, previously pledged to boost electric vehicle recharging stations, hoping to enlarge the infrastructure supporting the growth of electric vehicles in the state.

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