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Lauren Column

Lauren's Column: Meaning and purpose at work: Beyond the buzzwords

DEI + Culture / 9.13.22

“Purpose” is having a moment. In Lauren’s latest Rochester Business Journal column, “Meaning and purpose at work: Beyond the buzzwords,” she discusses the importance of finding your company’s “Why” and articulating the value and meaning of your “Why” to employees. She shares some steps on how business leaders can develop and distribute those reasons, including speaking your “Why,” connecting tasks to purpose and supporting supervisors.

Here are a few key takeaways from this month’s column:

  • Clearly communicate your “Why” in a measurable and succinct way.
  • Help team members connect what they do individually to serve the collective purpose.
  • Provide supervisors with the time and space to build and maintain relationships with their reports.

“It’s not rocket science: People want to use their talents in meaningful ways. They—we—want to know we matter. We want to make a difference. That’s our shared purpose in life, after all. And it can make all the difference and be the difference between team members who say ‘What can the company do for me?’ and those who say ‘What can I do to help the company and community?’”

For the full column, click HERE.

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