Promoting a Culture of Giving

Charitable giving is an everyday part of Dixon Schwabl’s culture and an essential element of our brand.

Building on our philanthropic legacy, we share our resources and talents to strengthen our community through long-lasting, positive programs for organizations and individuals in the Greater Rochester area.

Philanthropic Mission

Dixon Schwabl shares its resources to provide opportunities to organizations and community members to make a difference and make it happen for those who need it most.

Funding Priorities

Due to the large number of requests Dixon Schwabl receives each year, the following charitable-giving guidelines are meant to assist organizations and individuals in understanding the agency’s philanthropic priorities and parameters. The funding priorities also help us manage requests and make allocations in a thoughtful manner.

Four Pillars of Philanthropic Giving

With some exceptions, Dixon Schwabl’s philanthropic allocations focus on programs, events or initiatives that support the following four categories: education, youth, human services and health.

1. Education.

Dixon Schwabl invests in all aspects of learning to help individuals gain life-long skills and values. Education provides opportunities and success that benefit the community long after the initial investment.

What We Fund:
  • Schools that enhance the gift of knowledge to individuals across the entire spectrum of learning.
  • Community educational organizations that foster continued learning at all stages of professional life.
2. Youth.

Dixon Schwabl seeks to support children by improving their lives and empowering them to experience a healthy, safe, bright future.

What We Fund:

Resources, facilities and organizations that provide opportunities to children in our community, especially to those whose upbringing may prevent them from knowing and achieving their greatest potential.

3. Civic/Community Service.

Dixon Schwabl seeks to support programs and services that promote a positive change in the overall community where we live, work and play.

What We Fund:

Community-centered organizations that provide outreach, improve quality of life and encourage individuals to work together to make a difference.

4. Health.

Dixon Schwabl seeks to support community initiatives and resources that improve the wellbeing of individuals at all life stages.

What We Fund:

Health-centered events and organizations: aiding resources in our community necessary to improve physical and emotional health and stability.

Eligible Organizations

Dixon Schwabl’s ability to fund charitable requests is limited; therefore, we give primary consideration to organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria. Consideration is given first to clients, then to organizations our employees volunteer for and support. Based on these criteria, Dixon Schwabl reserves the right to deny requests without further explanation.

Dixon Schwabl receives far more requests than it can support. If a request is denied, that does not imply we consider the cause unworthy or unimportant. It may be that the request lies outside our giving guidelines or focus areas, or that all charitable funds for the year have already been allocated.

Next Steps

Requests must be submitted via the online form and are accepted throughout the year. Dixon Schwabl requires all requests be made at least six months in advance of any given project or initiative.

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