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What Do You Know About Marketing? [QUIZ]

Marketing Ingenuity / 5.18.21 / By Michael McGinnis


Marketing is everywhere. 😳

OK, maybe it’s not that bold. But seriously, take a look around. I’ll do it. From the cover of the book on my desk ("Humans of New York") to the branded notepad to the logo on this webpage. It’s all marketing, baby!

But how well do we KNOW marketing?

I’m so glad you asked.

In an effort to uncork this Rubik's Cube and mix metaphors, we’ve created an oddly specific 11-question quiz to see just how much you know about marketing.

Score just one right? No worries. That’s what we’re here for!

Get 'em all right? Nice work! Might be time to check out our job openings.

So move over "What Cereal Are You?" quizzes and "You Know You’re A Millenial When …" TikToks. There’s a new craze in town and it’s only mildly accurate at determining your marketing knowledge. (Because, like I said, these are oddly specific questions.)

Game time! --> TAKE THE QUIZ

Good luck and godspeed!

***Oh! And if you’ve got beef with any answers or just genuinely want to learn more, hit me up and I’ll go full Oprah on my colleagues to get an explanation. Or you can click around our website. There’s lots of cool marketing stuff on here.


Michael McGinnis

Mike McGinnis is DS+CO’s content manager and social media enthusiast with a proven record of creating big ideas that generate real impact.