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Marketing Madness: The Jargon Bracket

Marketing Ingenuity / 3.10.21 / By Michael McGinnis

Every year, 64* teams embark on a quest for college basketball’s coveted NCAA National Championship trophy. The action is exciting, intense and full of passion. Some would say it’s … madness.

March Madness.

Hey oh.


But we’re not here for that. No. We are marketers. We’re here for CTAs. We’re here for pivots. We’re here for authentic, optimized user journeys that boost thought leadership and brand awareness!

That’s right. We’re talking jargon.

I asked my coworkers for the buzziest, cliche-iest, circle back-iest terms in marketing and THEY DELIVERED!

Without further ado, I present to you a bracket challenge unlike any other …


Many will enter, only one will win.

It’s time to vote on the most market-y jargon-y terms in the industry.

Round 1 – DONE

Round 2 – DONE

Round 3 – DONE

Round 4 – DONE

Round 5 – DONE

Championship – DONE

May your ideation be true and your ROI strong. OPTIMIZE!

Marketing Madness: The Jargon Bracket Champion

What. A. Tournament. With nearly 20 upsets after 63 matchups, in the end our winner emerged. A formidable powerhouse from start to finish, your 2021 Jargon Bracket Champion is ...

Circle Back!

After their victory, Circle Back informed us that they'd "... like to thank underdeveloped ideas everywhere that pop up in the middle of meetings only to be revisited later. You are the true champions."

From all of us at Marketing Madness, keep integrating, gamifying and disrupting. We'll circle back next year.

*Cue the One Shining Moment montage.


*OK, fine. 68 teams if you include the First Four. I hope you basketball purists are happy!


Michael McGinnis

Mike McGinnis is DS+CO’s content manager and social media enthusiast with a proven record of creating big ideas that generate real impact.