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Lauren’s Column: Not if but when: How will AI change your workplace culture?

DEI + Culture / 12.14.22 / By Lauren Dixon

LAUREN'S COLUMN: Not if but when: How will AI change your workplace culture?

In Lauren’s latest Rochester Business Journal column, “Not if but when: How will AI change your workplace culture?” she discusses how artificial intelligence and related technologies like generative text and machine learning might—more likely will—change our workplaces. Already, AI applications are automating tasks in just about every industry, supercharging productivity, output and efficiency. Sounds great, right? What could possibly go wrong? Well, that depends. If you’ve built a high-trust environment and continue your best practices, you’re in a great position to harness the positive potential of AI and machine learning. But in this column, Lauren focuses on the potential good.

She notes: “I’m optimistic—and realistic. Along with all the exciting possibilities of AI, there are known and unknown risks. Artists are concerned about copyright infringement. Educators and writers worry about plagiarism. Human resource professionals are on the lookout for built-in biases. Employees worry their jobs will become obsolete or eliminated. We’re all aware of the potential for misinformation.

But at DS+CO, we’re a positive bunch. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we’re reassured by the solutions being developed: watermarks, AI and plagiarism detection software to mitigate unauthorized use of materials, algorithmic fairness techniques and audits to avoid bias, human oversight and reskilling to keep team members relevant, for example. So all in all, we’re looking forward to the ways AI applications will help us serve our people, customers and communities better than ever.”

For the full column, click HERE.

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Lauren Dixon

A culture champion, talent mentor and community advocate, Lauren is the heart and soul of DS+CO. She founded our agency in 1987 and built it into a team of go-getters 100 strong. But she’s most proud of the culture she’s cultivated—one that fosters creativity, collaboration and compassion. With Lauren’s unwavering dedication to putting people first, DS+CO has been recognized by Great Place to Work as the #1 marketing firm to work for in the country. Not once, but twice. And has made the list of the Best Small Companies to Work For 15 years running. Lauren’s contributions to her community are countless. She’s a Rochester Small Business Person of the Year, member of the Rochester Business Hall of Fame, ATHENA Award and Gaudette Community Award recipient, and was honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals for community leadership. She has served on the boards of United Way of Greater Rochester, Monroe Community College Foundation, United Way Women’s Leadership Council, Thompson Health Foundation, Greater Rochester Enterprise, CMAC and Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.