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Dixon Schwabl + Company Charitable Giving 2022

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Charitable giving is an everyday part of our culture at Dixon Schwabl + Company. Building on our philanthropic legacy, we share resources and talents to strengthen our community through positive, long-lasting programs for organizations and individuals in the Greater Rochester and Buffalo areas.


At DS+CO, we share our resources to provide opportunities for organizations and community members to make a difference for those who need it most.


Due to the large number of requests we receive each year, the following charitable-giving guidelines are meant to help organizations and individuals understand our philanthropic priorities and parameters. The funding priorities also help us manage requests and make allocations in a thoughtful manner.

With some exceptions, our philanthropic allocations focus on programs, events and initiatives that support the following two categories: IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, action) and health.


What we fund:

Resources that serve youth, education and social services throughout our communities, and initiatives aimed at promoting unbiased thinking in marketing and advertising through greater exposure, awareness and empathy.

How DS+CO supports IDEA every day:

One of the ways we support this pillar is through our independent Review Before Release IDEA Panel, which is made up of diverse perspectives from the community. The IDEA Panel evaluates our creative output to ensure offensive or culturally insensitive work is never published. We believe this is a key step to eradicating the unconscious biases that have afflicted marketing and advertising for too long.


DS+CO seeks to support community initiatives and resources that improve the wellbeing of individuals at all life stages.

What we fund:

Health-centered events and organizations: aiding resources in our community necessary to improve physical and emotional health and stability.


Our ability to fund charitable requests is limited, which is why we give primary consideration to organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria. Consideration is given first to clients, then to organizations our employees volunteer for and support. Based on these criteria, we reserve the right to deny requests without further explanation.

Unfortunately, we receive far more requests than we can support. If a request is denied, it’s not because we consider the cause unworthy or unimportant. It may be outside of our giving guidelines or focus areas, or that all charitable funds for the year have already been allocated.


Please submit your request through the online form before November 30 of the current year. To ensure we’re supporting you to the best of our abilities, please submit your initiative six months before the event or project date.