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Four newly minted entrepreneurs had a simple idea. Let’s produce a classic, premium vodka using only local ingredients and local partners. Even with that distinctive cachet, they knew entering this highly competitive category would be no small challenge. Clearly, they needed a name, brand and packaging that would command attention—not only in a crowded market space, but in crowded, noisy bars. The name 1961 was chosen to evoke an altogether simpler, more stylish era. We created a bottle label and design steeped in elegance. Original B&W photography was commissioned for a handsome print and POS presence, as well as an extensive, award-winning Web campaign. Within two months of launching the brand, 1961 could be found in more than 50 stores, bars and restaurants. Encouraged,the company is already extending its distribution.

To that, we say cheers.

1961 poster 1961 poster 1961 poster
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1961 poster

2014 American Advertising Awards

  • Best of Digital
  • Gold Web Design
  • Gold Integrated Campaign
  • Gold Elements of Advertising - Photography

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