United Way of Greater Rochester

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For nearly 100 years, United Way of Greater Rochester (UWGR) has served the Greater Rochester community by funding, monitoring and evaluating service programs for local people in need.


Many in the community are aware of the organization, but not everyone understands the full breadth of its services and exactly how donations are dispersed and managed.

And given numerous other nonprofits in the community worthy of financial support, it was vital United Way make its marketing and communication investments as impactful as possible.


For many years, Dixon Schwabl has partnered with UWGR to support its marketing and fundraising efforts. In 2016, Dixon Schwabl helped design and launch three distinct campaigns: 

A brand campaign that emphasized UWGR’s mission and broad community benefits. Building on the theme Invest. Connect. Serve.,” the campaign used Pandora, Hulu, Facebook and Twitter ads to communicate how UWGR inspires positive change by investing in nonprofit organizations throughout the community. 

To date, the Invest. Connect. Serve.” campaign has delivered more than 9.6 million impressions, resulting in more than 9,000 clicks. 

Fuel the Fund,” a workplace campaign that encouraged people to contribute through participating employers.

ROC the Day, a month-long campaign designed to push record-level donations on one day. Dixon Schwabl’s digital media team employed programmatic banner ads on Pandora, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

In total, ROC the Day delivered more than 4.1 million impressions and generated more than 7,000 clicks.

For both the brand and Fuel the Fund” campaigns, DS shot and produced TV spots and long-form video to generate more emotional impact. We used the video to help connect volunteers, donors and recipients though personal stories. Recipients thanked donors and reiterated how important the support was to their families. TV spots were edited from the longer videos in both :30 and :15 versions.


With the three campaigns at or near completion, we are on track to easily reach the aggressive 2016-2017 donation goals set by UWGR.


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