Higherenrollment for a higher calling

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Roberts Wesleyan College (RWC) asked us for a brand campaign to establish a consistent brand position in the marketplace—and with internal audiences. The campaign needed to be good to go in four weeks. No problem!

DS quickly undertook an in-depth market analysis to understand the competitive landscape. For each institution, we looked at key consideration factors (academics, religious affiliations, tuition, size, athletic standing), marketing campaigns, websites and brand positions. From our findings, we developed three distinct creative campaigns for RWC. The campaign chosen, Higher Learning, captured the essence of RWC’s mission: a higher education serving a higher purpose. We also delivered a brand strategy, a marketing plan, a PR campaign, direct mail, an elevator pitch and brand standards.

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Following the campaign, RWC saw a marked increase in new records overall for adult and graduate education, a 39% increase in new records and an estimated 47% jump for the upcoming year. Undergrad enrollment remained stable—a clear win, given declining figures industry-wide. A direct-mail campaign targeting the Buffalo and Albany regions increased accepts by 32% and 5%, respectively. And the PR campaign generated 52,338,747 impressions (estimated value = $652,951.99), well exceeding expectations. Truth be told, results like these surprised even us.

Finally, a brand awareness study revealed that after one year, the campaign generated 63% advertising recall and strong unaided awareness (top 5). And brand attributes seen as the strongest were “Christian, caring campus” and “valuable education.”

Ask for results, and ye shall receive.