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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (KSCVC) is widely regarded as the nation’s (some say the world’s) premier destination for space enthusiasts. However, due largely to the cancellation of shuttle flights, the center had experienced declining attendance (average of 15% annually) for three straight years. Something had to be done, pronto.

Dixon Schwabl was charged with reversing this dire trend. First, we conducted research to understand the media habits of key audiences. After all, you have to reach customers where they are. The study laid the foundation for an integrated PR and print/online ad campaign that captured the unique, interactive and up-close aspect of the new Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit—including a simulated flight experience. The campaign encouraged potential visitors to “ignite their wonder” and appealed to their inner astronaut—the notion that we’re all explorers.

The PR campaign generated significant national media attention, including six hours of coverage on the TWC network’s popular morning shows and a feature segment on the Today show. We also recommended direct marketing to inspire impulsive visits by Florida residents. All told, in a matter of months, the combined PR and ad campaigns not only stopped the attendance decline, but reversed it, for an increase of 3.6% in the first year alone.

In other words, all systems go.