To court theheartaddress theeyes

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Whatever you call it—brand identity, graphic communication, look and feel, corporate eye candy—you know good design when you see it.

At the speed of light, design telegraphs your identity, personality and values. As the cornerstone of a strong brand, smart design not only attracts customers and employees, it delivers a more satisfying experience. Done well, design commands attention, elevates value, lifts sales, inspires your team, even makes you feel better as a human being.

There’s no secret formula to creating good (or even great) design. But it usually involves a wicked gumbo of art and science, heart and head, commerce and intuition. Of course, every design opportunity is different, with its own backstory, its own set of marketing challenges. Should you go with classic or contemporary? Hand-hewn or elegant? High-tech or down-home? In-your-face or courteous and kind?

Often, you won’t know which design solution is right for your situation until you enter the dressing room and try something on, maybe walk around with it for a while. Sometimes you’ll know the answer using just your eyes. More likely, you’ll need to consult your gut.