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After 18 years in business, 2 Vine had become a well-known and well-regarded eatery in Rochester, NY. But owner Jerry Serafine knew it was time for a change. On April 11, 2016, he closed its doors to remodel the space and update the menu.


He let in more natural light, adjusted serving sizes, offered more health-conscious entrées and dedicated the restaurant to sustainable food sourcing.

Previously, 2 Vine had been perceived as an expensive fine-dining restaurant that served a more mature crowd.


By revamping the interior and modernizing the menu to include more seasonal and lighter fare, 2 Vine would appeal to a younger crowd, but without alienating current clientele.

2 Vine was slated to reopen on May 20, and Serafine wanted a new, more fitting brand to unveil at the opening. At the same time, he knew 2 Vine’s sustainable food story needed to be told. As just one example, the restaurant goes to great lengths to ensure the seafood it serves is caught in a responsible, ethical manner.

DS suggested telling this important story via content marketing, using short videos posted on social media sites. 


Our branding work took its cue from the new menu and space. DS would shift the brand to make it more approachable and casual, without losing any of its cachet for providing an exceptional dining experience. We created a new logo that reflected the new interior aesthetic: clean and elegant yet unpretentious.


Because the 2 Vine name stemmed from the building’s street address and the old space featured an antique street sign above the bar, our brand designer reflected those origins in the new mark.


Once the new logo design was settled, DS completed work on a handful of other brand elements: menu design, stationery set, business card, signage and website.


Given the highly visual nature of 2 Vine’s kitchen creations, DS recommended creating custom videos showcasing menu items. The first video would explain 2 Vine’s method of sourcing seafood.

In this way, 2 Vine would capitalize on the trend of sharing food stories, build brand loyalty with its sustainability message and entice customers with mouthwatering imagery.

Via a backpack journalism” approach, we interviewed Serafine and recorded his unscripted thoughts. The interview footage was augmented with beauty shots of 2 Vine’s chef preparing cuts of sustainably caught fish and searing a salmon fillet.

While the interview informed viewers about sustainable sourcing, the imagery celebrated the skill of the chef and the mouthwatering appeal of the fish. Oh, so delish.

To encourage views, the final version of the video was kept intentionally short, about one minute. The video was shared on Facebook, targeting users who were 25-54, lived within 15 miles of downtown Rochester, and were interested in food and drink. 

 ​2  Vine’s  owner  raved 
 about  the  new  brand.​​ 


The social media videos were a hit. Video views totaled 47,060, with a reach of 54,730 and 663 clicks driving traffic to the 2 Vine homepage.


Thanks to the social media campaign, owner Serafine reported a 6% increase in sales and added additional seafood dishes as a result. 2 Vine also received considerable feedback from customers who appreciated the restaurant’s sustainable practices.


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