Workplace Culture Pre- and Post-COVID

  • Michael Bush, CEO, Great Place to Work®
  • Lauren Dixon, CEO, Dixon Schwabl

Hear how high-trust workplaces are strengthening company culture and planning for compassionate, inclusive policies and processes when they reopen.

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06 . 23 . 20

  • COVID-19

Rising to the challenge: How businesses are adapting to COVID-19

  • Celeste A. Kier, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience Director, ESL Federal Credit Union
  • Elena Conti-Blatto, Director of Marketing and Brand Management, University at Buffalo

Businesses are adapting quickly during the pandemic, discovering they are more resilient and agile than they thought. How can your business evolve to continue to serve without compromise? Find out during our webinar Rising to the challenge: How businesses are adapting to COVID-19.

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