Using Virtual Events to Keep Connected

  • Gretchen Wood, Chief Advancement Officer, Monroe Community College
  • Harlan Davis, Vice President of Product and Innovation, GDS Group
  • Lauren Dixon, Chief Executive Officer, Dixon Schwabl

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In a World … Without Cookies

  • Marty Agius, Vice President, Semcasting
  • Noor Naseer, VP of Media Innovations + Technology, Centro
  • Ben Swan, Senior Ad Operations Manager, Dixon Schwabl

Google is blocking third-party cookies by the end of 2023. This means as marketers, the ability to target individuals’ interests and behaviors will be impacted. What do you need to know to account for this shift to a world without cookies? The webinar will provide you a roadmap for success, including:

• Continue to use cookies until they go away

• The keys to building up a first-party data strategy

• How to engage partners that help you navigate the technologies needed moving forward

• Contextual strategies, targeting groups of people with the same interests vs. individuals

• Build audiences to target through household and location data

A DS Tip: use cookies for as long as you can.

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