Zach Sackett

Front-End Web Developer

Final Zach Hs

Zach is from Warsaw, NY, in a county with more cows than people. (Good thing cows can’t vote.) He joins us from Archer Communications, where he was lead web developer and handled SEO maintenance and analytics.

He once pulled three all-nighters in a row to help friends launch a website for Upstate Social. He says it was fun and awful at the same time. Awfun? Fawful? Zach’s hobbies include building computers, reading, and practicing for his ultimate goal of world domination via video games like Dota 2 and board games like Risk. He also attends to every whim of his super-cute cat, Butters.

Zach admits to one quirk: multiple times a night, he checks to make sure his apartment is locked. Then there’s the driving thing. He tends to check the fuel gauge every few miles and frequently tops off the tank even if it’s 7/8 full. “Just in case.”

His favorite books are Dune (Frank Herbert) and The Conquest of Bread (Peter Kropotkin). Why? They’ve helped him master the dynamics of power. (World domination, right?) But Zach loves reading in general and if he could have super power, it would be the ability to absorb and grok an entire book just by touching it.

Final Zach Ls
Final Zach Hs

 Fun  Factoid 

Zach has binged The Office more times than he’d care to admit (74). Maybe that explains why his screensaver is a selfie with Ed Helms?

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