Sarah Warren

Public Relations Specialist

Final Sarahc Hs

If you want to talk all things Harry Potter and Azkaban, see Sarah ASAP. When it comes to the Wizarding World of Rowling, she’s #1 in her class. You can bet your butterbeer on that. But if you’re craving a fair round of Go Fish, Uno, Trivial Pursuit or Mario Kart, steer clear of Mrs. Warren. She has a penchant for winning just about any game she plays. Aside from running the game tables, Sarah loves to watch good football, preferably the Buffalo Bills, with her family and friends. We suppose her definition of “good football” is a bit flexible. Sarah’s a winner at the office, too. She’s responsible for the day-to-day management and execution of PR plans and strategies for clients in the consumer and not-for-profit sectors. She also volunteers as a member of the marketing committee for the Women’s Foundation of Genesee Valley. Yay!

Sarah Christ
Final Sarahc Hs

 Paging  ...  no  one 

You know when someone starts an interoffice page [cue SFX] and then … nothing. Sarah’s train of thought goes off the rails as she wonders: What were they going to say? Did they fall asleep? Was it Russian trolls messing with Our mind? A ghost, alerting us to a meeting on the other side? Or Hotchkiss, up to his old tricks? For Sarah’s sake, please make it stop.

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