Miguel Curbelo

Miguel Curbelo

Facilities Associate

Final Miguel Hs

Miguel came to us via the good word of Bill Robare, our facilities manager. Alas, we have to share Miguel with the good folks over at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (formerly Johnson & Johnson), where he also works. Fortunately, Miguel likes it here at DS, because “it’s like family.”

Miguel’s other local family includes a sister, two brothers, a daughter Alexandra, and a son, also named Miguel—but most people call him Mikey. As for Miguel’s own nickname, he says he only shares that with close friends and other worthy humanos.

Miguel Sr.’s biggest hobby is fishing. Although it’s less a hobby than a way to get out into nature, clear his mind and meditate upon all that’s good in the world. When he finds himself with time on his hands, he doesn’t bother planning his angling destination; he just goes wherever his mind takes him. (Often Sodus Bay.)

His other primo diversions are fixing cars and anything else that needs repairing. But when he needs to chillax for real, he’s all over Game of Thrones. He claims he understands all the various, mingling plotlines. Which would make him the world’s first, with the possible exception of George Rupert Rodrigo Martin.

Oh. About that nickname. If you’ve read this far, you are truly and manifestly worthy. It’s Miggz.

Final Miguel Ls
Final Miguel Hs

 Fun  fact 

Miguel has exactly one superstition. If someone accidently brushes your feet with a broom, you have to immediately grab the broom and spit on its handle. So now you know: Be ever so careful with your sweeping movements.

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