Merritt Lapp

Account Director

Merritt Ward

Merritt’s experience includes global, national and regional media relations, special events, account management and product launches. When she worked in Boston, Merritt spearheaded an effort to produce a five-minute virtual reality film of an actual cranberry harvest for Ocean Spray. “It was nearly a year in the making and countless hours. The first time I put on an Oculus Rift headset and watched it, I was overwhelmed.” It wasn’t animation. It wasn’t CGI. It was real. Well, virtual real. Real, but not real. Got it? Best recent read: The Sweetness of Life by Francoise Heritier. Merritt’s friend and ex-colleague gave it to her when she was moving back to Rochester from Boston. “It’s pages and pages full of the little, and even big, moments in life that make life what it is.” Like when you least expect it, you get your parking validated. Yes! Win!

Merritt Ward
Merritt Ward

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I have to know all the dates when Mercury goes into retrograde. I need to make game plans in advance to deal with all the craziness.”

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