Megan Berliner

Senior Project Manager

Megan Steenburgh

“Organized” doesn’t do Megan justice. Not by a mile of carefully ordered manila folders. A classic type-triple-A planner, Megan is all about making sure projects progress, meetings stay on point and clients stay happy. Including a client named Dixon Schwabl. She’s Brand Central when it comes to promoting our own lovely brand, keeping all the parts and pieces moving in a gorgeous symphony. It's been said she once ran two different client meetings—eight miles across town from each other—at the very same time, without breaking a sweat. If she hadn’t pursued marketing, Megan says she would probably have become a kindergarten teacher. Instead, now she finds herself cajoling and shepherding a bunch of unruly and overly fussy creative types. Hmmm.

Megan Steenburgh
Megan Steenburgh

 Hero  growing  up 

Grandma Dora Steenburgh, a noble matriarch who had an unbelievable life story, a great sense of humor and an intense love of chocolate ice cream!”

 Oh,  Dear. 

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