Maureen Swick Kurz

Managing Partner, Account Services & Media

Maureen Swick Kurz

Maureen embodies the best of our culture. Always ready to pitch in when needed. With deep experience on numerous client accounts, her marketing savvy and rock-solid integrity have earned her the respect of clients and colleagues alike. And did we mention her mad multitasking skills? They come in mighty handy with her other big role: Mom to her busy teens. Besides spending time with them, Maureen’s fave activities are running, working out and, when she has free time (Huh? What’s that?), refinishing old furniture. Then there’s that time Maureen was working for the RBC Heritage PGA Tour. Helping out in the Media Center. Driving professional golfers around the course—despite her expired golf cart driver's license. Her passengers? Top pros like Matt Kuchar, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day. They may not admit it, but without Maureen, none of them could have gotten to where they were going. Come to think of it, that’s true of a lot of people.

Maureen Static
Maureen Swick Kurz

 Insomnia  cured 

I’m the one who can’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.” But once they’re cleaned up, she’s out like a light.

 Oh,  Dear. 

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