Mary Camblin-Dandino

Digital Designer

Mary Camblin-Dandino

Whether she’s retouching images, fixing alignments or generally making sure our graphic files are shipshape, Mary brings a sharp eye, style and touch of sass to everything she does. Whenever she finally retires her computer mouse, she plans to sit on a beach with a drawing pad and pencil, a bottle of wine, dark chocolate, sun lotion, a camera and a phone with a speaker, and “watch my daughters chase their children.” And laugh. If you know Mary, you know she’ll be laughing. At what, we’re not always sure. She’ll probably be singing, too. “I make it a regular practice to sing when driving. Some passengers enjoy it, others jump out.” What does she sing? You can count on hearing John Prine’s My Darlin’ Hometown. But she’s also crazy about Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. Oh, yeah—when that fog horn blows.

Mary Camblin Dandino
Mary Camblin-Dandino

 Next  vacation 

Meet up with her old buddy Bruce Springsteen at a Riesling winery in Cali. His tour bus will be loaded with dark chocolates and international cheeses. Also, three’s a crowd, so his wife Patti will be elsewhere.”

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