Mark Stone

Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Mark Stone

If stranded on an island, Mark would want a satellite phone and “a good bottle of wine to enjoy while I wait to be rescued.” His hobbies: “road cycling, not crashing my mountain bike, abstract painting, being curious, music and collecting wine.” In 10 years, he sees himself drinking a delicious 10-year-old cabernet. His career has taken him from Detroit to San Francisco and now Rochester. Mark’s worked on TV productions on both coasts more times than he can count. He hates clutter and loves dogs and tailwinds. An equal-opportunity music listener, you'll find him listening to just about any genre. But you won’t find him drinking just any wine. #connoisseur Mark prides himself on building a fun environment that truly nurtures creativity and growth. We’ll toast to that!

Mark Stone

 Two  wheels  rule 

Mark has experience in financial, healthcare and behavior change, education, luxury goods, food and beverage, technology, manufacturing, automotive, travel, hospitality and telecom. He’s also filmed a commercial with race car driver Rusty Wallace. But he’d rather hop on a bike and ride.

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