Kellie Adami

Chief Marketing Officer

Kellie Adami

Kellie takes the lead in welcoming new clients to DS, bringing to bear her considerable account management skills and many years of experience. Besides raising her son, Kellie’s big joys outside of work include photography (if you promise to smile, she’ll take your picture), hiking, biking, travel, doodling, drawing, painting and watching documentaries. Feature films, too. Loves Goodfellas. Well, of course. It stars Robert De Niro (sigh). “I just love the Italian culture and the time and setting of the movie.” If she ever leaves DS (perish the thought), Kellie figures she’ll either open Kellie’s Coffee & Cones on the corner of routes 96 and 250, move to Manhattan to start a concierge business or work as a psychologist or celebrity personal assistant. Which makes perfect sense: “My true passion is to solve problems and help people in need.” No surprise there. That’s what she does for our clients now.

Kellie Static
Kellie Adami

 How  funny  is  that 

You know you’ve really hit my funny bone when I start banging on the desk or table. Sometimes it scares people, but I can’t help it!”

 Oh,  Dear. 

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