Jordan Dixon

Managing Partner, Strategic Workflow

Jordan Dixon

Jordan has a thing for speed. He started skiing at 2 and never stopped. Snow skiing, wakeboarding … it’s all good. Also cars. In fact, he’s been awarded a handful of highly coveted commendations (aka “tickets”). Apparently, it’s an aptitude he inherited from one of his parents, although he tactfully refuses to identify which. Jordan is now teaching the joy of fast to his boys. His oldest has started on snow skis and will be testing out the surfboard come summer. Because like father like sons. His bias toward speed is perfect for his current position helping jobs move through the agency in a timely fashion. Anyway, besides The Fast and the Furious, Jordan’s favorite movie is Goonies, which he’s seen only 284 times.

Jordan Static
Jordan Dixon

 By  the  book 

At the top of Jordan’s list of best business books is the Dale Carnegie classic: How to Win Friends and Influence People. Although rumor has it he’s been known to occasionally win people and influence friends.

 Oh,  Dear. 

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