Jon Alhart

Managing Partner, Demand Generation

Jon Alhart

Jon started his career as sportscaster (WIVT in Binghamton, WSYR in Syracuse). Today, he’s still a “caster,” but now it’s of a different kind of content. He leads our social and digital media teams, masterminds marketing campaigns, creates content and tells stories. He’s a natural storyteller, but Jon relishes watching them, too. Especially comedies. At the top of his greatest-ever list: the acclaimed Naked Gun trilogy. “These classics of cinema hold timeless lessons for us all.” A diehard Buffalo Bills fan, Jon is required by law to be superstitious. Whenever the Bills play, he wears his Thurman Thomas jersey (#34) inside out. No one really knows why.

Jon Static
Jon Alhart

 Just  an  idea 

Viral this, viral that. I am so over that marketing buzzword. We need something fresh and snappy. I know: infectatious. What do you think? … Anyone?”

 Oh,  Dear. 

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