Jenna Van Thof

Account Supervisor

Jenna VanThof

Jenna Van Thof, or JVT, as some of us like to say. May or may not have moonlighted as a backup singer for Janet Jackson, but she’s definitely in tune with her gig as an account supervisor. If you’ve met Jenna, you won’t be surprised to know she grew up playing hockey in Canada, because every day she brings her “eh” game. She’s also an avid bee-bopper, St. Lawrence River navigator and spending time with her family-er. Looking to try a new restaurant? Ask Jenna for a recommendation—she’s probably been there.

Jenna VanThof
Jenna VanThof

 Song  of  the  day 

The Rolling Stones’ Big Suburban or as they like to call it, Beast of Burden.

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