Erin O’Donnell

Senior Account Executive

Final Erin Hs

Erin manages events and integrated projects for multiple accounts, taking care of everything from setting strategy and budgets to tracking timelines and running meetings like a drill sergeant. She came to DS from Pluta Cancer Center, where she wore ohhh so many hats. So many, in fact, they built her a custom chifforobe for all her headgear.

Erin is a big worker-outer. Runs daily, regularly partakes of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), plays soccer and practices yoga. She’s run a half-marathon and is training for a 5/8-marathon. Erin can sprint, too. She once broke the 4-minute mile when she was running a tad late for a meeting. Erin loves watching sports, too, and is of course a hope-springs-eternal Bills fan.

She’s working toward on her Master’s in Strategic Marketing and already has a Master’s in Canine Wrangling, which she earned while taking care of her chocolate Lab, Dareus.

Erin O'Donnell
Final Erin Hs


Erin once traveled to Kenya on mission with a group from her church, which helped fund and open a new hospital. As to the rampant rumors that she picked up some secret marathon tips from Kenya’s legendary long-distance runners, Erin refuses to confirm or deny.

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