David Crist

Senior Marketing & Strategy Analyst

Dave Crist

Dave is passionate about helping clients better activate their marketing data to continually improve results and customer experience. That’s just how he rolls. Early in his career, he worked on the Jaguar, Land Rover and Ford brands. He and his team were allowed to test-drive certain models before they were introduced to the market. According to Dave, there’s a technical term for this special kind of access: “Very cool.” When he’s not rockin’ ROI, Dave enjoys fitness, music, snowboarding, movies and gaming. And while he may not be down with typical superheroes, he does dig The A-Team. If he could, he’d be Mr. T. “Because I pity da fool.”

Dave Crist
Dave Crist

 Oh,  brotha 

I’m an identical twin. And so is my brother.

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