David Brodsky

Senior Account Executive, Client Relations

Dave Brodsky

An animated lizard inspired Dave to pursue advertising. So it’s only right that he got a chance to create a character himself. A clothing retailer needed a mascot for an internal communications program. “We came up with an elephant named Titan. I enjoyed how the process of identifying traits led to an engaging character.” Dave is one cool dude. In 2012, he packed four of life’s most stressful events into one year. He moved (back from New York City), got married, bought his first house and had a child. Did Dave stress out? Not at all. Unless you count that one night in June when it took him an extra 14 minutes to fall asleep. Here, Dave’s thang is supporting our new-business team by identifying and connecting with clients who align with the agency’s expertise and culture.

Dave Brodsky
Dave Brodsky

 International  Man  of  Cookery 

I’m a foodie at heart. My time in NYC opened my eyes (and mouth) to a world of cultures and foods. One day, I’d like to do the 195-Meal Challenge: cook (or order) a staple meal from all 195 countries.”

 Oh,  Dear. 

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