Christina Nordquist

Director of Content Marketing

Final Christina Hs

Christina came to us from a regional provider of integrated IT solutions, where she was corporate marketing manager and Chief Evangelist of Positive Vibes.

The bestest moment of her life? Improbably, it wasn’t when she was handed her shiny new Dixon Schwabl business cards. It was the birth of her nephews. As she puts it, “They’re just the coolest.”

Besides hanging out with them, a good day for Christina would include playtime with Violet, her Maltese, and savoring wine and cheese—the two food groups at the top of her pyramid. (BTW: Cheesecake counts, but only if it’s Cheesy Eddie’s.)

Christina was a precocious TV binger. For a while, it was “I Love Lucy” day in, day out. As a kid, she had VHS tapes of all the shows and would watch them over. And over. And over. The lesson here is don’t you ever make fun of Lucille Ball while Christina is within earshot. Because waaaah.

Final Christina Ls
Final Christina Hs

 Crooked  ain’t  right 

Whenever Christina encounters a picture hanging crooked, she has to straighten it. No matter where: restaurants, hotel rooms, the Taj Mahal, friends’ houses, the Louvre …

 Oh,  Dear. 

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