Cathleen Wells

Director of Marketing Technologies & Systems

Cathleen Wells

Be big, be a builder. That’s Cathleen. Professionally, as leader of our martech department, she builds websites, interactive strategies, client relationships and bridges to a digital future. (With an MBA and an MFA in new media design, she knows what she’s doing.) Outside of work—but with remarkable professionalism—Cathleen has built cabinets, musical instruments (guitars, dulcimers), kitchens, bathrooms, decks and bookshelves. Good thing about those bookshelves, as she’s an incorrigible reader. Favorite reads include 1776, John Adams, Truman by David McCullough, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin and American Lion by Jon Meacham. Why the fascination with American historical biography? “They were building a country!” Of course. A builder appreciates builders.

Cathleen Wells

 Childhood  hero 

Daniel Boone. Today, I also work on the frontier (of new technology).” And she wrestles bears.

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