Our team offers deep experience and a fresh perspective. That may seem like a contradiction, but it’s what we do. For a quick introduction to our people, scroll and click away.

Minor caveat: These are solo portraits. But the real magic happens when we work together.

Lauren Dixon
Board Chair
Mike Schwabl
Vice Chairman of the Board
David Lyttle
Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer
Jessica Savage
Kellie Adami
Chief Marketing Officer
Kim Allen
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Stone
Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer
Jordan Dixon
Managing Partner, Strategic Workflow
Connor Dixon-Schwabl
Managing Partner, Studio Production
Maureen Swick Kurz
Managing Partner, Account Services & Media
Jon Alhart
Managing Partner, Digital
Adam Wingate
Demand Generation Manager
Alex Clark
Database Specialist
Alyssa Whitley
Public Relations Coordinator
Amanda Maxim
Account Supervisor
Amanda Satterwhite
Organizational Project Manager
Ann McAllister
Creative Director
Arica Marfoglia
Communications Planner
Bill Colburn
Vice President of Creative Services
Bill Robare
Facilities Manager
Bob Charboneau
Director of Production
Bob Hotchkiss
Audio Engineer & Associate Producer
Britton Lui
Vice President of People & Development
Chris Grant
Data Strategy & Analytics Supervisor
Christina Nordquist
Director of Content Marketing
Christine Zajonczkoski
Director of First Impressions
Courtney O'Gorman
Public Relations Specialist
Dana Denberg
Associate Creative Director
Dave Pico
Dave York
Paid Search Specialist
David Brodsky
Senior Account Executive, Client Relations
David Crist
Senior Marketing & Strategy Analyst
Diana Osgood
Vice President of Strategy & Customer Insights
Elizabeth Koch
Art Director
Emily Benson
Email Marketing Strategist
Emily Ferry
Media Coordinator
Erin Haskell
Media Supervisor
Erin O’Donnell
Senior Account Executive
Fred McCoy
Account Director
Gabrielle Owen
Assistant Account Executive, Client Relations
Gina Godlewski
Senior Account Executive
Ian Auch
Creative Technologist
Jen Moritz
Senior Editor
Jewel Mastrodonato
Junior Art Director
Joanne LaFave
Account Director
Joe Luciano
Senior Mechanical Artist
Judy McDade
Accounting Administrator
Julia Lowe
Julianna Monacelli
Director of Consumer Public Relations
Julie Licitra
Senior Mechanical Artist
Justin Shaw
Vice President of Business-to-Business Marketing
Lydia Rugaber
Project Manager
Madison Dixon-Schwabl
Executive Assistant
Malorie Benjamin
Vice President of Media Services
Marc Hartwig
Front-End Web Developer
Marshall Statt
Creative Director
Mary Rice
Mary Shepard
Media Supervisor
Mat Parrinello
Data Architect
Megan Berliner
Senior Project Manager
Megan Manzari
Public Relations Supervisor
Meghan DeWinde
Data Analyst
Merritt Lapp
Account Director
Michael McGinnis
Content Manager
Michaela Stone
Media Supervisor
Miguel Curbelo
Facilities Associate
Nadine General
Managing Partner, Communications
Nick Guadagnino
Senior Account Executive
Nick Vernetti
Creative Supervisor
Nicole Dominguez
Demand Generation & Marketing Ops Specialist
Nikki Nisbet
Senior Project Manager
Paul Gangarossa
Public Relations & Content Supervisor
Paul Rizzo
Senior Production Manager
Pete Wayner
Production Supervisor
Rachael Maxam
Project Manager
Randy Zajonczkoski
Director of IT
Rob Meacham
Senior Account Executive
Robin Lohkamp
Creative Director
Robin Merrill Lorenzo
Senior Copywriter
Roger Haskins
Digital Strategy Supervisor
Rosi Statt
Vice President of Account Leadership
Ryann Guglielmo
Director of Public Relations