Our strategy team helps clients define their marketing challenge, uncover potentially hidden problems and craft a smart strategy. Typically, this starts with questions. Who are your ideal prospects? What’s the typical sales cycle? What products are in the pipeline? And dozens more, give or take a hundred.

Our strategic planners can fly at 50,000 feet, but just as often can be spotted with boots on the ground, making sure every tactic serves the overarching strategy and is executed just so.

 Sounds  like  a  plan. 

But we all know strategy runs deeper than marketing or branding. It’s embodied in your most valuable asset: your people. Their collective behaviors and values constitute your company culture.

We can help you develop a clear picture of your company culture with a powerful tool—Companies Are People, Too® (CAP2). With it, we can measure key dimensions of organizational personality and create a powerful platform for open dialogue, aligning behavior, internal branding and strategic planning.

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Strategy” derives from the Greek strategos,” meaning to eat an opponent’s lunch before breakfast. 


  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Company Culture
  • Business ROI
  • Consultation
  • Custom Assessment
  • Core Values Development
  • Personalized Surveys
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Assessment Tools
  • Employee Engagement
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Select Strategy Clients

  • CenturyLink Yellow Pages
  • The Great New York State Fair
  • United Way of Greater Rochester
  • Waste Harmonics

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