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04 . 13 . 21 – 3 things I think we should rethink

On a recent episode of her Dare to Lead podcast, Brené Brown asked Adam Grant what inspired him to write Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know. He responded with a story about a group of CEOs considering remote work options for their employees—in 2018, before the pandemic. After sharing his own study data showing remote call center workers were 13.5% more productive, along with other supporting evidence, Grant suggested the CEOs try a remote Friday experiment to see what happens. And they all said no. 

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<![CDATA[Third-Party Cookies: Cookiepocalypse is Coming]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/no-more-cookies-1 https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/no-more-cookies-1
04 . 08 . 21 – Malorie Benjamin, Media

Google’s March 3 update on plans to ditch third-party cookies on Chrome by the end of 2022 didn’t provide any clarity around timing. But it did make one thing clear: Google will not build alternate identifiers to track individuals as they browse across the web, nor will we use them in our products” after third-party cookies are gone for good. 

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<![CDATA[Copy Editing in 2021: Words to (Re) Think About]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/editing-copy-in-2021 https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/editing-copy-in-2021
04 . 01 . 21 – Jen Moritz, Creative

Editors have always been the language gatekeepers. We’re synonymous with spelling, punctuation and grammar. But beyond the rules of English, 2020 put a bright spotlight on language’s critical role in creating a reality that goes beyond promises and to-do lists.

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<![CDATA[Webinar Recap: 5 Things I Learned as a DEI Panelist]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/five-things-i-learned-as-a-dei-panelist https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/five-things-i-learned-as-a-dei-panelist
03 . 24 . 21 – Kim Allen, Managing Partners

When you’re asked to participate as a panelist on a webinar, your mind might trick you into believing you’re there to share your wisdom. And while that might be partially true, it’s more accurate to say you’re there to learn from your fellow panelists.

13789 Blog DE Irecap D1 2000x1412
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<![CDATA[Virtual Events: The Key to Relationship Marketing?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/virtual-events-the-key-to-relationship-marketing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/virtual-events-the-key-to-relationship-marketing
03 . 11 . 21 – Gabrielle Owen

To get the scoop on networking and relationship marketing in the age of virtual events, we sat down with Managing Partner of Studio Production Connor Dixon-Schwabl.

13594 Blog Networking Relationships D1 2000x1412 3 1
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<![CDATA[Marketing Madness: The Jargon Bracket]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/marketing-madness https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/marketing-madness
03 . 10 . 21 – Michael McGinnis, Social Media

An epic quest to reveal the buzziest, cliché-iest, circle back-iest jargon in all of marketing.

Marketing Madness
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<![CDATA[The Psychology of Marketing]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/relationship-between-psychology-advertising https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/relationship-between-psychology-advertising
03 . 04 . 21 – Julia Lowe, Creative

For storytellers, psychology can be useful beyond manipulation: It can help us understand the minds and motivations of not only our audiences, but ourselves. There’s a wide body of research in psychology that can help marketers with things like content creation and communicating with purpose.

13338 Blog Psych Advertising D1 2000x1412
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<![CDATA[Getting Creative in B2B Marketing]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/raising-on-the-bar-on-b2b-creative https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/raising-on-the-bar-on-b2b-creative
03 . 02 . 21 – Josh Smith, SEO

Creative. Artist. Psychoanalyst. Marketer. These are just a few of the many hats DS Creative Supervisor Nick Vernetti wears every day in the business-to-business world of marketing. Here he discusses B2B marketing from a creative perspective.

13637 Blog Boring B2 B D1 2000x1412 red
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<![CDATA[Spotify Podcasts: Not Worth the Investment?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/spotify-podcasts-not-worth-the-investment https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/spotify-podcasts-not-worth-the-investment
02 . 15 . 21 – Fred McCoy, Account Services

Despite major investments in content and streaming services, podcasts just don’t seem to be paying off for big companies like Spotify. Let’s consider a few reasons why.

Podcast Blog
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<![CDATA[2021 Super Bowl Ad Review]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/2021-super-bowl-commercials https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/2021-super-bowl-commercials
02 . 08 . 21 – Josh Smith, SEO

The Super Bowl always provides an annual opportunity for brands to prove who they really are, and 2021 is arguably the most important year yet.

DS Super Bowl
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<![CDATA[Myers-Briggs at Work: How to Value Your Coworkers Even More]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/myers-briggs-in-the-workplace https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/myers-briggs-in-the-workplace
02 . 05 . 21 – Britton Lui, People & Development

At Dixon Schwabl, we’ve used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for decades to help enhance communication with each other and our clients. We call this program Companies Are People, Too.

13379 Blog MB D1 2000x1412
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<![CDATA[Robinhood's GameStop Debacle: A Cautionary PR Tale]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/robinhoods-gamestop-debacle https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/robinhoods-gamestop-debacle
02 . 04 . 21 – Michael McGinnis, Social Media

How seven years of Robinhood goodwill crumbled in a day.

Robinhood GameStop Debacle
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<![CDATA[Email Marketing: A Key Relationship Builder]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/email-marketing-the-relationship-builder https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/email-marketing-the-relationship-builder
02 . 01 . 21 – Christina Nordquist

How to you build and foster that relationship with your subscribers? Think: consistency, accessibility, vulnerability, growth.

13376 Blog Lov Email D1 r1 2000x1412
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<![CDATA[One Mother of a Fluid Brand]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/one-mother-of-a-fluid-brand https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/one-mother-of-a-fluid-brand
01 . 19 . 21 – Robin Lohkamp, Creative

Evolve and invent at a pace faster than culture. 

Fluid Brand Wave
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<![CDATA[Data Battle: Facebook vs. Apple]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/facebook-vs-apple https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/facebook-vs-apple
01 . 06 . 21 – Ben Swan, Senior Ad Operations Specialist

Two of tech’s biggest titans are squaring off in a battle for your data.

Facebook vs Apple
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<![CDATA[SEO Strategy: 21 Tips for 2021]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/seo-tips https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/seo-tips
12 . 23 . 20 – Josh Smith

Search engine optimization can be confusing. With constant evolution and updates to Google Algorithm, keyword research and complex metrics, the organic search landscape could use some clarity. To that end, we prioritized our top 21 tips for your SEO strategy in 2021 so you didn’t have to.

12971 Blog SEO 2000x1500 D1
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<![CDATA[2020: Building Stamina for Change]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/2020-building-our-stamina-for-change https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/2020-building-our-stamina-for-change
12 . 11 . 20 – Jessica Savage, Managing Partners

2020 was to be a year of transition and planned” change. The kind we would set clear expectations around. The pragmatic, intentional kind of change. Instead, 2020 was year of disruption, adaptation and—thanks to our dedicated team—imagination.

12952 Stamina 2000x1500 RGB D1 opt2
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<![CDATA[Website Accessibility: The New Rules for 2021]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/website-accessibility-things-to-know https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/website-accessibility-things-to-know
12 . 09 . 20 – Roger Haskins, MarTech

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 26% of the US population has some form of disability. Unfortunately, for those living with a disability, many online businesses still prove too difficult to successfully navigate.

12931 DSBLG Acc
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<![CDATA[Flex Your Influence: Tips to Reach the Right Influencers for Your Brand]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/tips-to-reach-the-right-influencers-for-your-brand https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/tips-to-reach-the-right-influencers-for-your-brand
11 . 17 . 20 – Courtney O'Gorman, Public Relations

Before diving headfirst into the world of influencer marketing, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re reaching the right influencers to elevate your brand and drive results for your business.

12637 Blog Image Infuencer 1200x1500 B
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<![CDATA[Making Customer Experience the Heart of Your Marketing Efforts]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/customer-experience-marketing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/customer-experience-marketing
11 . 12 . 20 – Christina Nordquist, Account Services

By the end of this year, customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. So what’s driving this shift now? And how can marketers prepare effectively steer customer experience management within their organizations?

12742 BLOG Wbnr Rcp resized
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