<![CDATA[Dixon Schwabl | The Slide]]> http://dixonschwabl.com/ Dixon Schwabl blog en Copyright 2021 2021-07-29T23:10:50-04:00 <![CDATA[The Privacy vs Personalization Paradox in a Cookieless World]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/the-privacy-vs-personalization-paradox-in-a-cookieless-world https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/the-privacy-vs-personalization-paradox-in-a-cookieless-world
07 . 15 . 21 – Erin Haskell, Media

The Cookiepocalypse was delayed until late 2023. Go ahead and breathe a big sigh of relief, but don’t get complacent.

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<![CDATA[Get Your Video Content Into Summer Shape]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/video-shape https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/video-shape
07 . 07 . 21 – Connor Dixon-Schwabl, Managing Partner Studio Production

Sizes, resolutions and ratios for every platform you need.

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<![CDATA[Slurpee Season!]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/slurpee-season https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/slurpee-season
07 . 01 . 21 – Michael McGinnis, Social Media

How 7-Eleven’s coolest day turned into sizzling sales. 

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<![CDATA[How Email Marketers Can Prepare for Apple’s iOS 15 Update]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/ios-15-update https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/ios-15-update
06 . 23 . 21 – Christina Nordquist, Account Services

Email expert Emily Benson talks consumer privacy and three critical steps marketers can take right now to get ready for Apple’s coming update.

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<![CDATA[DEI: Continued Commitment, 1 Year Later]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/dei-1-year-later https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/dei-1-year-later
06 . 18 . 21 – Jessica Savage, Managing Partners

As the saying goes, the biggest room in any house is the room for improvement. What we endeavor to learn and experience—and how we courageously take action to tap into America’s diversity superpower—will lead to stronger communities, more thriving businesses and the advancement of the greater good.

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<![CDATA[Transitioning from 3rd to 1st Party Data]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/from-third-to-first-party-data https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/from-third-to-first-party-data
06 . 10 . 21 – Ben Swan, Senior Ad Operations Manager

Even after third-party cookies go away, we can’t expect internet users to be completely satisfied with the privacy of their data and the transparency of how it’s used.

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<![CDATA[3 Ways to Secure Your Brand's Online Reputation]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/reputation-management-and-brand-safety https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/reputation-management-and-brand-safety
06 . 07 . 21 – Nadine General, Public Relations

Is your brand hitting the mark? Do you know how to check the pulse on your brand’s reputation to know what’s being said about it? There are a variety of ways to do that. Here are a few quick checks to see how you’re faring or if you need to do your homework. 

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<![CDATA[Cyber Awareness: Is Your Information Secure?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/cyber-awareness-is-your-information-secure https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/cyber-awareness-is-your-information-secure
06 . 04 . 21 – Randy Zajonczkoski, Technology Support

Although the technological revolution has been fantastic for creating the global village we live in today, our business and personal information is now exposed to threats more than at any other point in history.

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<![CDATA[Facebook's Data Breach: The fallout, the future]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/facebook-data-breach https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/facebook-data-breach
06 . 01 . 21 – Michael McGinnis, Social Media

Keeping your digital ID safe after Facebook’s latest data breach

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<![CDATA[What Do You Know About Marketing? [QUIZ]]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/what-do-you-know-about-marketing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/what-do-you-know-about-marketing
05 . 18 . 21 – Michael McGinnis, Social Media

An oddly specific 11-question quiz to see what you know about marketing.

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<![CDATA[Strategy Takes Center Stage as Greater ROC Gets the Gold]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/research-and-strategy-wins-gold-for-greater-roc https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/research-and-strategy-wins-gold-for-greater-roc
05 . 13 . 21 – Paul Gangarossa, Public Relations

In the theatrical world of marketing, creative is the showstopper. The headliner. The name on the marquee that gets people in the door and the performance that keeps them talking, for better or worse. Other tactics can steal the show from time to time, but some aspects of a campaign rarely get the spotlight.

Get ready for your close-up, Research + Strategy. 

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<![CDATA[Three Must-Dos for Empathetic Marketers]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/three-must-dos-for-empathetic-marketers https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/three-must-dos-for-empathetic-marketers
05 . 11 . 21 – Nick Guadagnino, Creative

Empathy is hard work. But if there’s one lesson 2020 gave us, it’s that we need more of it in the world. (Empathy, not 2020. We had more than enough of 2020.) That goes double for brands as they communicate with their customers, regardless of the platform. In our recent webinar, Empathy in Marketing: Make People’s Lives Better, we explored the idea of empathy and how brands can—and should—fully commit to it.

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<![CDATA[The ABCs of A/B Testing]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/a-b-testing-from-campaign-data https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/a-b-testing-from-campaign-data
05 . 06 . 21 – Erin Haskell, Media

In a world of digital media, we’re surrounded by data and infinite opportunities to test, learn and optimize. Let’s dig into the buzzword and larger concept of A/B testing in advertising.

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<![CDATA[How Data Science Helps Marketers Mine for Truth]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/data-science-mining-for-the-truth https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/data-science-mining-for-the-truth
05 . 04 . 21 – Alex Clark, Database Specialist I Emily Ferry, Media Coordinator

From banking to healthcare and every industry in between, data science looks at not only what people want, but what people need.

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<![CDATA[Thinking about Adam Grant's Think Again]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/thinking-like-adam-grant https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/thinking-like-adam-grant
04 . 13 . 21 – 3 things I think we should rethink

On a recent episode of her Dare to Lead podcast, Brené Brown asked Adam Grant what inspired him to write Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know. He responded with a story about a group of CEOs considering remote work options for their employees—in 2018, before the pandemic. After sharing his own study data showing remote call center workers were 13.5% more productive, along with other supporting evidence, Grant suggested the CEOs try a remote Friday experiment to see what happens. And they all said no. 

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<![CDATA[Third-Party Cookies: Cookiepocalypse is Coming]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/no-more-cookies-1 https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/no-more-cookies-1
04 . 08 . 21 – Malorie Benjamin, Media

Google’s June 21 update on plans to block third-party cookies obn Chrome has extended the original timeline from 2022 to the end of 2023. Why? We need to move at a responsible pace, allowing sufficient time for public discussion on the right solutions and for publishers and the advertising industry to migrate their services,” Chrome Engineering Director Vinay Goel said in a blog post. This is important to avoid jeopardizing the business models of many web publishers which support freely available content.”

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<![CDATA[Copy Editing in 2021: Words to (Re) Think About]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/editing-copy-in-2021 https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/editing-copy-in-2021
04 . 01 . 21 – Jen Moritz, Creative

Editors have always been the language gatekeepers. We’re synonymous with spelling, punctuation and grammar. But beyond the rules of English, 2020 put a bright spotlight on language’s critical role in creating a reality that goes beyond promises and to-do lists.

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<![CDATA[Webinar Recap: 5 Things I Learned as a DEI Panelist]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/five-things-i-learned-as-a-dei-panelist https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/five-things-i-learned-as-a-dei-panelist
03 . 24 . 21 – Kim Allen, Managing Partners

When you’re asked to participate as a panelist on a webinar, your mind might trick you into believing you’re there to share your wisdom. And while that might be partially true, it’s more accurate to say you’re there to learn from your fellow panelists.

13789 Blog DE Irecap D1 2000x1412
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<![CDATA[Virtual Events: The Key to Relationship Marketing?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/virtual-events-the-key-to-relationship-marketing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/virtual-events-the-key-to-relationship-marketing
03 . 11 . 21 – Gabrielle Owen

To get the scoop on networking and relationship marketing in the age of virtual events, we sat down with Managing Partner of Studio Production Connor Dixon-Schwabl.

13594 Blog Networking Relationships D1 2000x1412 3 1
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<![CDATA[Marketing Madness: The Jargon Bracket]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/marketing-madness https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/marketing-madness
03 . 10 . 21 – Michael McGinnis, Social Media

An epic quest to reveal the buzziest, cliché-iest, circle back-iest jargon in all of marketing.

Marketing Madness
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