<![CDATA[Dixon Schwabl | The Slide]]> http://dixonschwabl.com/ Dixon Schwabl blog en Copyright 2020 2020-09-26T15:40:00-04:00 <![CDATA[Why Empathy is Content Marketing's True Super Power]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/empathy-in-content-marketing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/empathy-in-content-marketing
09 . 16 . 20 – Christina Nordquist, Account Services

In a year that has been marked by mounting stress and uncertainty, empathy is being described as the new brand mandate. 

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<![CDATA[Creating a Transformational Brand from Scratch]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/creating-a-transformational-brand https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/creating-a-transformational-brand
09 . 11 . 20 – Paul Gangarossa, Public Relations

Here are four key takeaways to help build a brand that moves people.

Transformational brand
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<![CDATA[Measuring Customer Experience Comes Down to 3 Elements]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/measuring-customer-experience https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/measuring-customer-experience
09 . 02 . 20 – Melissa Jusianiec

Understanding your brand’s customer experience is a holistic exercise that incorporates satisfaction, loyalty, and effort. Here’s how to measure and interpret it.

NPS blog
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<![CDATA[Can marketing be a force for good? It’s up to marketers.]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/can-marketing-be-a-force-for-good https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/can-marketing-be-a-force-for-good
08 . 11 . 20 – Kim Allen, Managing Partners

Our world is changing, and so is our consciousness. As marketers and individuals, the Great Pause in 2020 gave us space to reflect on our place in society and the contributions we’ve made—for better or for worse.

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<![CDATA[Setting Up The Perfect Video Call]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/the-perfect-video-call https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/the-perfect-video-call
07 . 17 . 20 – Pete Wayner, Brand Journalism

Many people are finding themselves on camera every day. Here are a few tips and tricks for your at-home setup. 

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<![CDATA[Facebook Boycott: What To Know, Ask & Do]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/facebook-boycott-what-to-know-ask-do https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/facebook-boycott-what-to-know-ask-do
07 . 02 . 20 – Michael McGinnis, Social Media

Should your brand participate in the #StopHateforProfit Facebook boycott during July?

Stop Hate Questions
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<![CDATA[Third-party cookies are disappearing. Here's what that means.]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/third-party-cookies-are-disappearing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/third-party-cookies-are-disappearing
06 . 25 . 20 – Malorie Benjamin, Media

In the digital marketing realm, cookies are king. Marketers rely on these small packets of data to collect information and target ads. That could all be changing soon. 

No cookies by 2022
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<![CDATA[What do the latest banking behavior trends tell marketers?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/banking-behavior-trends https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/banking-behavior-trends
06 . 22 . 20 – Diana Osgood, Research

As branches begin to open their doors again, our survey shows that roughly 50% of community members believe the government is right on point with reopening.

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<![CDATA[It's Time for Action]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/its-time-for-action https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/its-time-for-action
06 . 17 . 20 – Mike Schwabl, Managing Partners

At Dixon Schwabl, we deal in words and images. But mere words will not bring about the changes our world, our nation, our friends, our families and our future demand. Empty promises of equality and meaningless pledges of inclusion are easy. It’s time to do what is hard. It’s time for action.

Nathan dumlao D Eo Fx DZ Ip I unsplash
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<![CDATA[How to Connect Direct Mail to Digital Marketing]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/connecting-your-direct-mail-to-digital https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/connecting-your-direct-mail-to-digital
06 . 01 . 20 – Bob Charboneau, Creative

One under-used marketing tactic still performing very well is traditional direct mail. Why? People are more tuned in to their (physical) mailbox than ever before.

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<![CDATA[Internal Communications in Times of Crisis]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/internal-communication-during-crisis https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/internal-communication-during-crisis
05 . 11 . 20 – Robin Merrill Lorenzo, Creative

While you’re rethinking every aspect of your marketing during this public health crisis, be sure to think about your internal communications, too.

Girl Waving Laptop
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<![CDATA[What's on the other side of COVID for marketers?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/whats-on-the-other-side-of-covid-for-marketers https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/whats-on-the-other-side-of-covid-for-marketers
05 . 01 . 20 – Diana Osgood, Research

Smart marketers are using data-driven insights to determine how to adapt their strategies and tactics during the pandemic and beyond.

DS White Paper Image For Gated Landing Page
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<![CDATA[Newsworthy or Not? When You Should (And Shouldn’t) Pitch the Media]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/newsworthy-or-not-when-you-should-and-shouldnt-pitch-the-media https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/newsworthy-or-not-when-you-should-and-shouldnt-pitch-the-media
05 . 01 . 20 – Ryann Guglielmo & Alyssa Whitley

Whether it’s COVID-19 or something else that alters the media landscape, your brand may still have a valuable role to play. Here are ways to pitch your brand thoughtfully during a crisis.

Dixon Schwabl PR Crisis
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<![CDATA[How to Prepare for an On-Air Skype Interview]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/preparing-for-an-on-air-skype-interview https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/preparing-for-an-on-air-skype-interview
04 . 08 . 20 – Julianna Monacelli, Public Relations

14 quick tips to make sure you’re best representing yourself and your brand or organization during a video interview.

Harry cunningham 1 Osp6 Cvh Xc unsplash
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<![CDATA[Comfort and Chaos of Working From Home]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/working-from-home-during-covid-19 https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/working-from-home-during-covid-19
03 . 26 . 20 – Jon Alhart, Content Marketing

I asked peers on LinkedIn to share their #WFH stories—and the peek inside how their daily lives have changed couldn’t help but put a smile on my face.

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<![CDATA[COVID-19 and Marketing Your Business]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/covid-19-and-marketing-your-business https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/covid-19-and-marketing-your-business
03 . 20 . 20 – Malorie Benjamin, Media

Three steps all marketers should take right now when it comes to paid media campaigns.

Home Office
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<![CDATA[Perfect Your Marketo Salesforce Integration]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/marketo-salesforce-integration-guide https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/marketo-salesforce-integration-guide
03 . 19 . 20 – Adam Wingate, MarTech

Get the leads you need to take your business to the next level.

Hands pointing at laptop
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<![CDATA[Coronavirus Communication Tips]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/coronavirus-communication-tips https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/coronavirus-communication-tips
03 . 11 . 20 – Ryann Guglielmo, Public Relations

It’s important for brands to operate from a place of facts, not fear, when it comes to coronavirus communications.

washing hands
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<![CDATA[16 Tips for Grammar Day 2020]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/16-grammar-tips-from-a-professional-proofreader https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/16-grammar-tips-from-a-professional-proofreader
03 . 05 . 20 – Jen Moritz, Creative

Yesterday was the perfect excuse for word nerds (like our very own Jen Moritz) to put their expertise on full display. 

write without fear, edit without mercy
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<![CDATA[The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2020]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/best-super-bowl-ads-2020 https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/best-super-bowl-ads-2020
02 . 03 . 20 – Jon Alhart, Content Marketing

Dixon Schwabl experts share their thoughts on the best Super Bowl commercials of 2020. Which ads scored touchdowns? Which ones fumbled away their big game opportunity? We discuss.

Football from Dave Adamson Unsplash
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