Our “Sweetest” Colleague Delivers Dozens of #PorchCookies

Shane Grant has many titles: Mrs. and Mom at Home. Vice President Account Operations at Dixon Schwabl. And the latest added to her resume … #PorchCookie Baker! 

When life changed with social distancing, Shane, a self-proclaimed extrovert, simply missed her people,” and many of her loved ones are home alone. She wanted to find a way to do something to make them smile. So she started baking—a lot!—and dropping off her homemade oatmeal cookies on loved ones’ porches with a special note ending with the hashtag #PorchCookies.

In less than two months, she has baked more than 50 dozen cookies, has made more than 57 porch deliveries and has mailed eight PorchCookiePackages” through USPS. She’s not even close to being done—she has 48 more porch deliveries to make and six more cookie packages to ship (and counting)!

How long will Shane do this for? Until everyone I work with and knows gets cookies!” she says.

Shane continues to drop off her #PorchCookies and posts the photos on social media. As her colleagues always say, Shane has the sweetest heart,” and we are so proud of her for making so many people smile in times when we need these smiles the most. 

 Oh,  Dear. 

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