Mike Foster Named October Jaz Janie

Every month, Dixon Schwabl honors an outstanding employee with the coveted Jaz Janie Award. The award was created to commemorate Dixon Schwabl Public Relations Vice President Jane Janie” Argenta, who passed away in September 2009. Jane was a fun-loving, compassionate and hardworking professional who touched the lives of many.

The October Jaz Janie recipient is Senior Web Developer Mike Foster.

From Mike’s first day in the office he hit the ground running; diving right into the migration of the Frontier marketing landing pages and Vantage microsite—he hasn’t missed a beat since! Mike handles each website and offer launch like a pro—staying late, coming in early and even working on Saturdays to make sure the switchovers go off without a hitch. 

Mike looks at everything with a critical eye and offers up solutions that take projects to the next level. He keeps a calm demeanor and is flexible when it comes to changing direction. He is a team player and is always willing to do what it takes to make it happen. 

When Mike is not coding down in the level of love, he is scheduling group outings and participates on our DS kickball team. He truly exemplifies DS’s core values of teamwork, integrity, respect, community and fun. Congratulations Mike and thank you for everything you do!

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