Lynne Tempest Named November Jaz Janie

Every month, Dixon Schwabl honors an outstanding employee with the coveted Jaz Janie Award. The award was created to commemorate Dixon Schwabl Public Relations Vice President Jane Janie” Argenta, who passed away in September 2009. Jane was a fun-loving, compassionate and hardworking professional who touched the lives of many.

The November Jaz Janie recipient is Account Director Lynne Tempest.

Just like Jane, Lynne is dedicated, hardworking, reliable, thoughtful and has a great big heart. She is a true team player and goes above and beyond to get the job done—always with a big smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye. When faced with challenges at work or in life, Lynne bravely and thoughtfully takes on each situation with great strength, grace, positivity and a perfect solution. She can juggle many tasks at hand, always making her clients and team feel like they are her #1 priority. 

Lynne is a positive role model and leads by example, giving both work and her family 110%. She embodies the DS values of respect, integrity, teamwork, community, innovation and fun every single day. She truly walks on sunshine and we’re lucky to have her as part of our team! 

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