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Lauren’s Column: What’s so great about the 2022 Great Places to Work?

DEI + Culture / 5.31.22

In Lauren’s latest Rochester Business Journal column titled “What’s so great about the 2022 Great Places to Work?,” she discusses the top companies of Great Place to Work’s 25th Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, such as Cisco, Salesforce, NVIDIA and Wegmans, and how they earned coveted spots by putting their people first, gathering and responding to feedback, and focusing on all aspects of wellness, like boosting mental health and dependent care benefits, offering both predictable and flexible schedules, and decentralizing decision-making.

“Perhaps it’s not that surprising after all that companies like Cisco and Wegmans have been certifiable Great Places to Work for 25 years running. Because if you have a great workplace culture going into challenging times, that culture grows stronger during the dark days. And you come out brighter and stronger on the other side.”

For the full column, click HERE.

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