Joanne LaFave Named July Jaz Janie

Every month, Dixon Schwabl honors an outstanding employee with the coveted Jaz Janie Award. The award was created to commemorate Dixon Schwabl Public Relations Vice President Jane​“Janie” Argenta, who passed away in September 2009. Jane was a fun-loving, compassionate and hardworking professional who touched the lives of many.

The July Jaz Janie recipient is Account Director Joanne LaFave, one of Dixon Schwabl’s longest-standing team members, having joined in 1997.

Joanne is an incredible leader: respectful, empathetic and supportive. With all the challenges this pandemic has brought for all of us, these leadership traits shine and are incredibly appreciated and valued by her team. One of Joanne’s colleagues recently noted, the teamwork and compassion she has shown me in the past few months has not only made her a great colleague, but also a great friend. Jane would’ve been proud.”

Congratulations, Joanne! We are so grateful to have an incredible leader like you in our lives, and on our team!

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