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Emily Benson Talks Email Marketing on International Stage

DS News / 3.25.21

Email marketing strategist, Emily Benson, presented (virtually) on an international stage this week at the 2021 Spring Netcore Inbox Expo by emailexpert. The presentation was titled “The Business of Email: When email is your primary revenue channel, how do you maximize results and ensure sustainability? Risk vs. reward.” She shared the stage with Raghavendra Hunasgi, CMO of a large agency in India and a bestselling author, and Arnaud Jolif, CMO at DeinDeal AG.

In 2020, Emily became one of the first people in the country to complete the extensive Litmus Email Marketer certification.

We’re proud of you, Emily, and grateful to have you on Team Dixon Schwabl to lead the agency's important email marketing service offering.

Question for you reading this: Does your brand need an email marketing strategy? Let’s connect!